Choosing the Correct Trees for Your Yard

Do you ever look out into your yard and think that it is just missing something? Or maybe you look out and look right into your neighbor’s window. You might just be in need of some new trees to liven up your outdoor areas. When it comes to choosing what kinds of trees you want to plant, there are several factors to consider, as different trees can serve different purposes. This decision is one that can either haunt or bless you for years to come, even a lifetime. Okay, okay, you could always cut down and replace a tree but trust us, that is a pain and it is much easier to make the correct decision on the first try.  

Why Do You Want to Plant a Tree?

When deciding on what kinds of tree or trees to plant in your yard you should ask yourself: why is it that I want a tree? The main reasons usually revolve around the following: shade, privacy, scenery (something pretty), or to block the view of an eye sore. Once you can answer that, then you can move onto the different types of trees starting with coniferous (evergreen) or deciduous (loses its leaves).  Evergreens are typically ideal for privacy and windbreak, but not very good for shade and remain a consistent green color all year round. While leaved deciduous trees are quite the opposite as they can provide overhead shade, less blockage for privacy and often vary in color and vibrancy depending on time of year, as well as lose their leaves in colder months. With that being said, all different types of species of trees have their own unique differences and are not strictly limited to these characteristics.


Growth Rate and Flowering


Moving further down the tree line, there are other key factors that should go into your tree decision, such as the growth rate of the tree and flowering tendencies. If you are looking for a tree that will grow and flower quickly you will want to stay away from the hardwoods, and go for the typically smaller ‘soft-wooded’ trees they usually have a shorter lifespan but can bring life to your yard quickly.  Hardwood trees on the other hand, grow much slower, live longer and grow to be larger than their counterparts making them great for shade.

For Shade:

There are many options, but of the tree species that we have in stock at the Southpark Nursery our best options are the Autumn Blaze Maple, Cottonwood, or Willow. All of these are hardwood options that grow to be rather tall with decently wide branch reach and plenty of room for hanging out underneath.

For Privacy:

We recommend the Colorado Blue Spruce or the Juniper as they provide nice thick needles that make them tough to see through as well as tough for wind to break through.  

For Aesthetics:

A rocky mountain classic beloved by all who have ever been to the area, the Aspen tree is our choice for a tree that will look nice in your yard with it’s smooth near white bark and shimmering leaves. There are a few different types of Aspen but you can’t go wrong with any of them.


For Fruit:

Our choice is the Honeycrisp apple tree, these trees look good, tend to not grow very tall and of course they produce some of the most delicious fruit known to man.

All of these trees mentioned and more can be found at the South Park Nursery, and our experienced staff will be able to help further assist you in making the right choice for your yard’s wants and needs.