Hot Summer Landscaping Tips – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

As we progress into our world-renowned Jackson Hole summer, the perfect blend of heat, humidity, and activity, South Park Landscaping and Nursery wanted to provide you with some tips for garden and lawn care. Finding the perfect blend of watering, deadheading, weeding, and mowing is key to having the best lawn on the block and we are here to show you how.

In regards to taking care of your lawn, a lot depends on where you are located in the valley. In general, we recommend watering your lawn in the morning, starting a couple of hours before sunrise. Our dry climate will soak up any moisture if you water during the day and our afternoon winds will further scatter your watering efforts. Watering in the evening can potentially cause mold issues in the roots of your grass. If you live closer to the park or at a higher elevation, you may want to wait a little longer for temperatures to rise above freezing. Also younger lawns will require more consistent watering than older lawns.

Regarding your gardens, we also would recommend watering your plants in the morning. If you have installed a drip system in your gardens, you can also consider watering later in the day to prevent your plants from drying out too much. The loss of water is minimal for a drip system in comparison to a spray system used on lawns.

Deadheading your flowers and flowering plants is a great way to encourage new growth and clean up the look of your garden. If you have planters, you will especially want to consider deadheading. We recommend using a garden scissors or snippers to remove the entire head (including the part of the stem immediately connected to the head). Deadheading is especially effective on roses, poppies, daisies, columbine, blanketflower and a wide assortment of annuals to name a few.

Let’s discuss weeding. No one likes to weed and we completely understand why. Let us help you with your weeding needs! So what is a weed? If you don’t want it in your garden, it is a weed. There is a list of noxious weeds that to be removed in a certain way so be sure to include those in your “weed” list.

We welcome the opportunity to educate you more and can answer any questions about your lawn and garden care needs. Summer in Jackson Hole is the best time of year and enjoying your outside space takes just a little effort with huge payouts.