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Prep For Spring with Help from Us!

This late winter burst may have many in the Jackson area forgetting that we are still inching closer and closer to springtime and warmer weather.  South Park Landscaping has certainly not forgotten, and we’d like to remind you of all the opportunities we can offer to improve the space around your home, and in-turn increase the value of your property.

Trees & Shrubs

Whether you are looking for a little more privacy, some shade, or simply just to liven up some empty space in your yard, our nursery has a vast variety of  trees and shrubs, ranging from thick green pines and beautiful Aspens to colorful Lilacs.  We even have a number of fruitful trees and shrubs such as the Nanking Cherry shrub,  several apple and crabapple trees and Toka plum to name a few.  Check out our offerings HERE.  

Aside from these awesome plants we also have nearly every supply you could need to plant your new young trees or shrubs or just to maintain your existing plants and gardens.

Hardscaping and Landscaping

We take design and installation of landscaping projects seriously and will work with you and your space to transform, maintain, and beautify.  Crucial to the upcoming spring season is our “Spring Cleanup” service, in which we prep your yard and gardens for the summer weather. We help with fertilization, clean up, pruning, new planting, aerating, thatching, power raking, landscape waste removal and sprinkler activation.

We can not only bring life to your property via planting, fertilizing and seeding, but we also have the knowledge and experience to lay out gorgeous stone paths, patios, retaining walls, as well as putting up fencing. You name something you want done to your outdoor space, we can handle it. Learn more about our landscaping offerings.

Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

As was just mentioned, we will activate your sprinkler systems when the time comes, but we don’t just activate them! We can get your lawn and gardens set up with a full proof irrigation and or sprinkler system to properly hydrate your yard.  Furthermore we take pride in our ability to upkeep your system with winterization in the fall and activation in the spring.  If you ever have a problem with your sprinkler and irrigation systems we are able to drop by for service calls any day of the week.

Learn more about our Irrigation & Sprinkler services.


Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall and Colder Weather

The smell of autumn is in the air, and we’ve already had our first snowfall dusting of the year.  Many people are not quite ready for the change of season just yet, but it is unavoidable and preparations for the cold shall commence.  At South Park Nursery & Landscaping we are more than capable of assisting in some of these preparations as we offer tree/shrub fertilization, sprinkler winterization, firewood and snow removal services.  It is best to stock up on firewood before you are suddenly hit with a brisk night that makes you wish you had.

As for snow removal, although we are not quite there yet, we have a full-service department that is ready to tackle any size job, commercial or residential when the time comes.  Our snow removal team has over 20 years of experience and is prepared to save you from the back pain of shoveling your driveway/ walkway or keep your business’ parking lot clear for customers.  

In the meantime fertilizing your trees and shrubs before they become fully dormant for the season so that they come back even stronger next spring and preparing your irrigation system for the winter are two key preparations that can be taken care of now.

Fall Tree & Shrub Fertilization – Although it may seem unconventional, fall fertilization can be crucial as this is the time of year when trees and shrubs gather nutrients not for new foliage growth but for health-promoting functions, such as disease resistance and root development.

Sprinkler Winterization – Prevent the incoming cold weather from freezing and damaging your irrigation system. Our winterization process involves turning down the irrigation system and using compressed air to clear the tubing and sprinkler heads, leaving no water to freeze and burst pipes.

Firewood – Heating your home with wood is a great economical way to stay warm with the comforting sound of crackling firewood as an added bonus.  South Park Nursery offers cut and split dry pine firewood delivery and stacking so you don’t have to worry about hauling it yourself.

Snow Removal – It is never too early to start thinking about how you will handle the snow this winter! We have the ability to not only plow and clear walkways but we also offer roof shoveling, ice removal, snow hauling, and sanding/salting services.


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Deadheading: Timing and Strategies

As your flowering plants start to lose their blooms, this is the perfect time to practice your deadheading skills. No, we are not talking about dance skills related to the Grateful Dead. We are talking about removing the dead blooms off your plants so potential new ones can grow.

Deadheading Strategies

deadheading a dead flower

There are a couple different strategies for deadheading and depending on the kind of plant you have, you may want to use a different strategy. For most plants, including roses, columbine, and daisies, you will want to grab a pair of scissors or clippers and snip as close to the nearest junction, just above it.

Plants like lupine, lilies and coneflowers will require you to cut further down the stem to hide your cut mark. Cutting at the nearest junction for plants like this is not quite enough. Do not worry, you will not hurt them.

For plants with smaller stems such as annuals, cosmos, zinnias, and poppies, a much simpler technique exists. Using your nails, simply pinch at the junction where the stem of the dead head meets the stem of a live head. Your nails will easily be able to cut through the thin stem.

Timing for Deadheading

Timing depends on whether or not you want the plant to spread. With annuals, this is obviously not a problem. With perennials, you will need to decide if you want the plant to expand its territory. If you are unsure, there is a great application for your smartphone called “Landscaper’s Companion” that will give you some great insight on plants and you can also search online for more information.

Deadheading is necessary to allowing your plants to continue to flower throughout the summer. While some plants may be finished once they flower, others could continue. Deadheading is also a great way to keep your garden looking young and fresh so be sure to stay on top of it.

Hot Summer Landscaping Tips – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

As we progress into our world-renowned Jackson Hole summer, the perfect blend of heat, humidity, and activity, South Park Landscaping and Nursery wanted to provide you with some tips for garden and lawn care. Finding the perfect blend of watering, deadheading, weeding, and mowing is key to having the best lawn on the block and we are here to show you how.

In regards to taking care of your lawn, a lot depends on where you are located in the valley. In general, we recommend watering your lawn in the morning, starting a couple of hours before sunrise. Our dry climate will soak up any moisture if you water during the day and our afternoon winds will further scatter your watering efforts. Watering in the evening can potentially cause mold issues in the roots of your grass. If you live closer to the park or at a higher elevation, you may want to wait a little longer for temperatures to rise above freezing. Also younger lawns will require more consistent watering than older lawns.

Regarding your gardens, we also would recommend watering your plants in the morning. If you have installed a drip system in your gardens, you can also consider watering later in the day to prevent your plants from drying out too much. The loss of water is minimal for a drip system in comparison to a spray system used on lawns.

Deadheading your flowers and flowering plants is a great way to encourage new growth and clean up the look of your garden. If you have planters, you will especially want to consider deadheading. We recommend using a garden scissors or snippers to remove the entire head (including the part of the stem immediately connected to the head). Deadheading is especially effective on roses, poppies, daisies, columbine, blanketflower and a wide assortment of annuals to name a few.

Let’s discuss weeding. No one likes to weed and we completely understand why. Let us help you with your weeding needs! So what is a weed? If you don’t want it in your garden, it is a weed. There is a list of noxious weeds that to be removed in a certain way so be sure to include those in your “weed” list.

We welcome the opportunity to educate you more and can answer any questions about your lawn and garden care needs. Summer in Jackson Hole is the best time of year and enjoying your outside space takes just a little effort with huge payouts.

Get Spring Ready!

It’s springtime and you know what that means…. spring cleanup in Jackson! It’s time for planting season and yard work! At South Park Landscaping and Nursery, we are gearing up for the summer season and have already started the prep work.

We wanted to give you a little checklist of things to do at this time of year to ensure a great and gorgeous landscaped yard and garden this summer season.

Spring Cleanup in Jackson, Wyoming

  1. To begin, be sure to rake up the last of the fallen leaves and branches that fell after your fall cleanup. While these leaves protected your lawn over the winter, they will actually hinder growth of new grasses during the springtime and potentially create mold within the roots of your grasses.
  2. Furthermore, removing the branches and twigs from your yard will allow for a smooth transition to mowing and will make your yard look great.
  3. If you did not already do so in the fall, consider pruning back some of your larger bushes and trees before growth has begun or if you would like to contain the growth. If you want your plants to grow larger, you will need to wait until fall to prune. At any time of the year, you can always remove dead branches and limbs as this will help your plants grow stronger.
  4. Regarding lawn care and maintenance, we are in a bit of a holding pattern. We will be aerating lawns soon to stimulate root growth but we do have to wait until the lawns dry a bit to avoid damaging roots. We also are waiting to put down grass seed and fertilizer as you need certain temperatures during the daytime. We will get there soon enough.
  5. This time of year, however, is fabulous for planting! The ground is wet and easy is dig through. If you would like some daffodils, it is not too late to plant them. Better do it soon though!

Did you check your PO Box yet? Well, keep an eye out for The Hole Coupon Book because we have a special sale going on right now on 5 gallon Aspens and edible trees and this would be a perfect time to plant them. If you would like a vegetable garden for the summer, we would suggest starting your seeds right now and preparing the garden for planting. We also have a wide assortment of plants and bushes to decorate your beds with.

Now is the time for spring cleanup in Jackson! If South Park Landscaping and Nursery can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact us at 307-734-7275. Otherwise, check out our great sale and buff up your garden for this summer!

It’s Fall Again!

Today is the first day of Fall, officially!
We understand what the change of seasons means to business owners and homeowners. There is somewhat of a shift in preparation for the long winter months in the mountains. Start preparing for the fall in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; lawn fertilization, planting new trees and shrubs and stocking up on firewood is important. Here at South Park Landscaping and Nursery we provide the services and the stock you need to be prepared.

Prepare for the Fall in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  • Fall lawn fertilization – helps strengthen your plants’ and lawn’s roots, giving them a strong base on which to thrive next spring.
  • Fall planting new trees and shrubs – adding new trees and shrubs to your landscape, planting in the fall offers several benefits. The fall moisture (rains) helps trees and shrubs establish their root systems. When the air temperatures are cooler than the soil, new root growth is encouraged without new top growth.
  • Firewood – as the nights get colder and leaves begin to think about heating your home with wood. South Park Nursery offers cut & split dry pine firewood delivery and stacking.

Call us at 307-734-7275 so we can discuss what it is that you need for your home or business.